Certification in Volunteer Administration

Study Group


Leaders in nonprofit, government, and community organizations increasingly understand that volunteers can be a critical strategic resource for delivering on a mission. Effective people management is imperative – whether they be paid or unpaid. As a result, employers and leaders expect that those individuals tasked with mobilizing and coordinating volunteer engagement demonstrate a thorough knowledge of effective practices and how to apply that knowledge to support real-world organizational priorities.

Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) is an international professional certification in volunteer resources management. Sponsored by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA), this credential recognizes practitioners who meet specified standards as measured through an examination developed by their peers. Successful candidates who earn the credential may use the designation “CVA.”

Unlike certificate programs that involve classes or courses, the CVA is a competency-based professional certification program. Intended for those with a strong foundation in volunteer administration, it is a self-study program that measures an individual’s “knowledge-in-use” —the application of knowledge and skills as documented by a current competency framework. The certification process includes assessing a candidate’s ability to structure tasks, process ideas, and solve problems related to volunteer engagement.

AVM Wisconsin is pleased to offer a study group allowing regional volunteer managers to work together to meet these professional certifications' requirements.

Interested volunteer management professionals can direct questions to info@avmwisconsin.org.