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  • "The [dog rescue] shows appreciation to us by posting photos of the supplies we donate on their Facebook page with very nice comments. They send thank you cards when we donate money and they acknowledge the dollars we have raised for them through the fundraisers on their Facebook page also. With a rescue like this, money is tight so it is better spent on the dogs than any sort of financial or expensive appreciation gift for us. Seeing the dogs get adopted is the best ‘appreciation’ we could receive. I really appreciated that when the dogs were adopted, the rescue would tag me in a post announcing the adoption so that I knew they were no longer in the rescue but in loving homes across the state. That was an awesome demonstration of appreciation, in my opinion."

  • "I put together trail mix bundles with kind notes signed by the staff."

  • "This year, I have ordered some totes that say Proud Volunteer for The Women’s Center, and I am making buttons right now."

  • "Nominate a volunteer for an award!" - Check out United Way of Wisconsin's List of Volunteer Recognition Awards

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